In Intro to Fabrication class we were assigned to create a lantern.

The constraints were the following: it has to light up, have a switch (on/off), and be portable.

So…What is the first thing you associate to portable once you are a 2-month-old-newbie New Yorker? Paper coffee cups, of course.

Once my idea was to create something simple and fun, I decided to use it as base for my lantern. Here, despite the rush of the city, we are all immersed in the fun Halloween vibes. And, at the same time, the not so fun ,unfortunate new wave of restrictions for legal working immigrants (that may actually impact me at some point in the future). Therefore, it wasn’t hard to think about adding a sarcastic and scary  Trump image to my project.

For that, I needed a 9V battery, resistors, LEDs, wires and copper tape.

Besides that, I just printed a b&w scary Trump face and glued it in my coffee paper cup (nothing like recycling!), cut holes in his eyes and replaced by my LEDs.

I cut the copper tape and the top of the plastic cover of my cup, making a switch.

And that was it!

No drills or laser cutters yet…. but their time will come Muahahahah 😉

Happy Halloween!


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