My assignment for intro to fab in the past week was to create a concept of an enclosure for a project.

The enclosure should have a function and buttons for manipulating it. As I am really focused on working in my final for pcomp and icm I knew I wouldn’t have much time to focus on this project. Besides, one of the main things I am working on my final is actually fabricating the cardboard dollhouse that will be the scenario of it. Thus, I have been already spending a lot of time in the laser cutter.

Accordingly, to get away from the laser cutter and do a simple yet useful enclosure I got a simple plastic box at Thinkersphere.

I specifically liked this box size because you can fit a considerable amount of important things in it, such as breadboard, Arduino Uno, a battery, a speaker and still have space. To create the buttons, I also got an on/off switch (you can’t never have too many of those), and used two potentiometers from a previous project. I used the ruler to draw where I wanted to place the holes.

And now it was time to use the static DrillBid – is this the name of the machine? -, and I was doing it for the first time. How exciting it was to get away from the laser cutting for a bit and be able to do it manually. I was really happy with the result and surprised by the simplicity of the process. I was done in about an hour. Wow.

So now I could add the buttons and use my Music Player Enclosure as I wish!


A really simple project, still I found out important new tools and resources 🙂


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