As the last tool for Animations class were assigned to work with Unity.  I have been working on creating 3D environments using three.js for my Final to intro to Computational Media, which is a super interesting javascript library to create 3D sketches directly in the browser, and was excited to get started. In my experience, three.js is a fun library to prototype but it lacks a more “finished” touch and the ability to develop more complex interactions, such as the ones I see people creating with Unity or Unreal. Thus, It was finally time to get started 🙂

Roll-a-Ball Tutorial

So first things first, as Gabe, the animation teacher recommended, I started by doing the roll-a-ball tutorial.

The roll-a-ball tutorial makes you follow a step by step to learn how to make a simple 3D game, where you can control the ball movements using your keyboard arrows. It was super straightforward and a nice way to start getting the hang of how Unity works. You can try to create it yourself by clicking here.

Below you can check a video of me playing it. I am really bad at it btw.

Creating a Character and Animating it in Unity

So, for a second step, we had to create a character to animate. I experimented creating mine in Fuse, an Adobe program that lets you create 3D characters to later animate, but as they all looked a bit weird, I just decided to go all the way weird with a monster I found in Mixamo (other adobe program that lets you animate your created characters or get pre made characters from their own library).

I also downloaded my monster along with a dancing movement.

So by following the Make a Character Controller in Unity tutorial, made by my animations teacher, I was able to make my monster dance and move, just like the ball in the Roll-a-Ball tutorial, but now with a bit more style and charisma <3

In the following video you can check Bob, my Bellydancing monster moving.

Creating my first AR using Unity+Vuforia

As the last step I wanted to make Bob (my monster) dance in other surfaces. Thus, I decided to use as a target the Starbucks logo in a pastry paper and set it ito appear as an Augmented Relity Animation using Vuforia.

So I added it into my Target Database and followed the Getting started with Augmented Reality in Unity tutorial, also made by Gabe.

And this was the result:

I think is really cute and charming the way you can see Bob’s ass when he turns. He is definitely a great dancer.

As you can see, I am just getting started, and I am excited to explore Unity further and create new animations soon.


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