For our first assignment for Magic Windows and Mixed Up Realities class we had to find an element of your home or space that we’d like to augment (could be a wall, a poster or a painting) and give it life using data, user interaction or any other means.

As soon as we had the homework I already knew what “screen” I would want to play with: my bedroom mirror. I find mirrors such a playful screen that haven’t been much used yet for digital projects. Our TV’s are already connected, the are already some digital portraits (even though they usually are not very interactive and look very tacky), but still, no much interaction with mirrors.

At the same time, in a “physical” level, many companies, restaurants and people have played with mirrors, leaving mainly motivational quotes or messages – mainly cute/loving/or friendship ones maybe using simply lipstick or post-its. Inspired by those I had the idea to play with inspirational quotes to help enhance my mood when I woke up.

So I created the following app using Websockets, so once a specific mood was pressed in my phone the projection connected to same web browser would change. I called is “mood mirror”. You can check the GitHub repository link here.

The idea is to select your current mood, while in bed, once you access the website on your phone. So when you wake up to check yourself in the mirror, you can see a correspondent positive message when facing yourself to start a new day, once the projector is connected to the same url in a computer.

Here is the mobile website interface:

As you select the Emoji corresponding to your mood you will see a quote to inspire you reflected in the mirror.

The result was really prototyp-ish, but it was definitelly fun to play with. I tried to use Madmapper, the program suggested by our teacher Rui, to be able to project from an angle so I could use the projection in the mirror, instead of the reflection in the user, but I didn’t have a good result with that. Anyways, I believe it’s also interesting also the idea of projecting something in the mirror, and playing with it as it reflects at the user.

With a lot of people taking mirror selfies, it could be easy to play with that to create an unique user experience. Wonder what would happen if we projected quotes and people could select their moods in an interaction placed in corporate buildings in elevators mirrors? – maybe we could create a fun, distraction moment before people entered the office or by simply using it at home.

Oh and here is my .gif or  <animation> that represents me:




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