In our second assignment for Magic Windows we were asked to play around and create a storytelling experience using Vuforia.

That was not the first time I used Unity+Vuforia. In a previous post made for my Animations class last semester, I followed a basic tutorial, and added a dancing monster to a Starbucks logo. Thus, this time I went all the way focusing on concept and in the storytelling aspect of the experience.

This is my morning coffee mug:

I really like it and it has a lot of sentimental value attached to it. My mother collects mugs from the places where she travels to, and even though i do not have the same habit, it seems I do have an attachment for mugs from places where I did live in.

I lived in Tel Aviv from Feb 2015 to Sep 2016 and I have great memories from it. So because of that, every time I have coffee in the morning, which means every day, every morning, I kind of stare at it and play in my head with the tiny Bauhaus city illustrated in the mug.

Accordingly, I decided to keep playing and use it to tell a story in AR:


Starts with Coffee

Because in the cycle of our daily routines, everything starts with coffee.


In this experience, the user is invited to interact with the mug, unveiling videos and gifs that tell the story of a common week day in New Yorkers lives. The story is mainly a collage of resources I found on the web. Together and in this composition, they tell a story of an everyday week day. Starting with the alarm, brushing our teeth, breakfast. Than commute > work >commute. And all the possibilities held for the evening such as party, dinner, sex, movies and of course going back to sleep.

As the mug is  circular, its an ongoing experience, like our lives, right!? I thought it was interesting to recreate the “scenes” meaning morning/day/evening based in the three images displayed in the mug that I used as targets when creating the Vuforia trackers.

I look forward to exploring more ways of storytelling and augmenting objects when using AR. Having started to master the set ups and feeling more comfortable with Unity I’m also looking forward to start scripting more in C#. With that, besides the user input of triggering the augmented environments when locating targets, I will be able to establish more complex relations and therefore add way more user interactivity.


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