In Choreographic Interventions class, where we work along with dancers to combine dance and coded visuals to create interactive performances, we created our first one minute duet using a live drawer and a dancer. Press play to see the result!

Our group created a solo full of spirals and that played with repetition. The dancer breaks out of the spiral and seamlessly transitions to other  movements. The code that created the visuals was based on the concept of circular and smooth movements that could increase or decrease in intensity and power.

The use of transparency and the ellipses that are commanded in size by the arrows on the keyboard and in move to the mouseX and mouseY directions were meant to create that idea. It was built based on this p5.js sketch created by Purin Phanichpant.

You can play with the code below!
Don’t forget to change the size of the circles using the up/down/left/right arrow keyboard keys.

Check the code here.

To see how we merged the code and the dance movements, check the video below.

This project was created by Chaery Moon, Chian Huang, Yasmin Schoenmann and I.

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