This week with Vuforia I explored creating an AR button.

By touching the Mona Lisa you are able to rotate the cube! Ho awesome haha – but it does give me some ideas and helps me practice my C# scripting.


The readings for class this next week comprehended two articles: Anithings, Animism and Heterogeneous Multiplicity and Developing Augmented Objects, A process perspective.

Both of them explore ideas to add digital qualities to physical objects, but while the first article create the things and gives them human characteristics,  the second one incorporate electronic functionalities to everyday existing objects.

As a homework for class we were supposed to think of an object we would augment. There are plenty of objects that I can imagine augmented in my house and in my everyday life. Maybe my purse or my pockets, reminding me of the checklist of things I can’t forget to put inside it; maybe my closet, to help me choose the outfit for tomorrow; maybe my notebook, to show me personalized, easy to read news; or my neckless, to help me send a “poke” to my loved ones; my fridge, mirror…. and so on. But one article had a framework on ideating an prototyping augmented objects.

So let’s try using it:


So let’s define my augmented object:

  • Problem Definition: when I play the guitar is an awful experience to have to check for the lyrics and chords through apps such as Ultimate Guitar in the computer or in the cellphone. The phone keeps falling from my lap and it would be nice to have an playlist to play to, plus the size of the letters are usually small.
  • Definition of the AO usage context: when I will play the guitar. Usually in the sofa, in the living room. Hands are not available.
  • Requirements definition: show lyrics and chords in a visible,  interactive way along the music. Command by voice.
  • Selection of the object to be augmented: not sure. I don’t think it should be the guitar… maybe an object to be placed in a coffee table in the living room that would project the lyrics somewhere?

I’m still not sure what would be the right object to augment to solve this problem. I’ll keep ideating and will probably discuss in class about it. Also, is Augmented Reality the way to go to augment this object? Don’t think so, right. I mean, in the AO Usage context my hands are not available…so at least not in the phone.

Let’s see what I will come up with!


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