For my final for Magic Windows I want to keep developing a project I have been working since the beginning of the semester as I’m a fellow at NYC Media Lab and A+E Networks to create an AR experience.

Our project focuses in 1968, as it  was an unique moment in the life of downtown Manhattan, and a year that is said to have changed the world.

By creating a site-specific cinematic AR time-travel experience, we are able to transport users back to 68′ Washington Square Park as they encounter those who waved protest signs at the same place, and often on behalf of the same values.


The idea is to tell a story of 2 characters, recreating their steps from 50 years ago, and reaching a climax once they meet in the center of the park. Each character represents a different side of the park and shows its own perspective. When the users meet, around the arch and the fountain, there is a new scene created upon this encounter.

The assets are being collected from archival footage and will be 2d still photos or animated gifs.

Main interactions consist on working with:

  1. Geolocation: the park is split in two different sides. As the user is closer to point A/B the respective experience is triggered.
  2. Proximity to specific elements: triggers secondary audio that is related to the image.
  3. Image anchor: as geolocation is not as reliable the meeting of the two characters will be triggered upon scanning an image – Washington Sq Arch.

This Project is being developed by Hadar Ben-Tzur with partnership with NYU Library Archives. The storytelling and research is a collaboration with Joana Evans.

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