When I moved to New York, besides becoming a student again, a newbie in town, a foreigner and so on… I became a “Latina”.  An the truth is that I’ve never thought of myself as a latina. I am Brazilian. My first language is portuguese. I do not have any hispanic origin in my family. But yes, I was born in Latin America.

Accordingly, at the same time that it is uncomfortable to fill census reports and forms here in the United States, it is still interesting to understand how my identity as a human being is redefined once moving to a foreign country.

My goal is to play with that idea of how culture, bias and identity are created and defined in American society and somehow transform that into a map. One reference that I really like is Alfredo Jaar’s  A Logo for America, a piece that doesn’t explicitly talk about those concepts but have them in its statement.

I’m not sure how I would develop that but I’ll look into more references and update it soon.






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