I started using D3.js last semester for my Impossible Maps final  and I want to learn more on how to use this library to create Data Viz projects. Thus, one of my goals during this semester in our Data Art class, is to explore more of it.

Therefore, when the teacher asked us to create three different visualizations for the same dataset for our first assignment I started my D3.js crash course.

In order to understand the basic commands, I started follwing these YouTube tutorials, that I thought are very good.

I made some really ugly and random drawings that reminded me of my early P5.js days.

From there, using the dataset provided, my very little new acquired knowledge of D3, and some examples available online, created 3 basic (and ugly, and probably not very user friendly) charts to visualize it in different ways.

You can check the code in my Data Art/Week1 Github repository and the examples below.

Bubble Chart



Bar Chart



Not Very Understandable Pie Chart



As you can see there is a lot to improve!!! But that was only the beginning 🙂

I’m exciting to keep exploring Data Viz, Data Art and the D3.js library.












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