You complete me

You complete me is a Chrome Extension that replaces the functional Gmail replies auto-complete suggestions by romantic notes. You and your machine complete each other, now it can complete you in a more loving way <3



Check here the github repo — soon in the Chrome store.


We are already used to machines completing our sentences. In our Google searches…



… in our phones…



…when coding…


… and now also when writing e-mails.


In Portuguese, English… this is indeed  great tool that increased my productivity and ability to answer people.

At the same time though, it is a bit weird that my gmail is able to help me answer things that, yes, i could definitely answer myself, in such a remarkable, assertive way.

And is very interesting to think how this changes the way that I communicate with people. With clients, co-workers, professors, friends. Isn’t it weird that a machine now has the amazing capacity to answer for us? Maybe even replace our approval or interaction at some point soon.

With this in mind, and inviting us to rethink our interaction with auto complete and with the way computers are completing us in general, I created this ironic piece “You Complete Me” as this Chrome Extension that “hacks” the natural autocomplete, changing the messaging to cheesy romantic sentences.



For now the app does not take the e-mail text in consideration, it is just a random array of scentences scraped from the amazing websites Love Quotes For Him and Her but the idea is to add Watsons tone analyzer and customize the reponses accordingly.

Making a poem & Potential automated poetry slams

At one point Elementary School, in one of my Art classes,  I remembered we played with the ideas of the Dada movement by following the instructions on how to make a Dadaist poem made by Tristan Tzara:


For the purpose of working with my assignments for Coding from A to Z and Hello computer, where we were asked to edit a text input and make  your code “speak it to you”using the Speech Synthesis API, and taking this exercise as a reference, I created a webpage where you can create your own digital Dadaist poem according to Tzara’s method and make your machine recite it to you.


You can make your own poem here and check the code.