Videogrep Script

What are Fake News? What is the issue with fake news? How to actually create a fake new?

Those are some of the topics covered in one of my classes called (surprise!) Faking the News. Throughout the next couple of weeks we will go over both theory and practice towards the subject. For the first class, we learned how to use videogrep, a script that enables you to edit a video when cutting words and automatically combining it to create new sentences – almost like putting words into someone’s mouth – from youtube videos. Accordingly, for our first week assignment, we had to create our own videogrep edited video.

The featured video is the final result of this experience.

How did I do it?

To use videogrep you need to follow the steps in the script’s page and install it in your computer.

I used the functions:

–search-type word (searching for the words ‘fake’ and ‘news’) in trump videos such as source1 and source2. This function is used to take the assigned word out of the video, for as many times as it appears, combining it automatically into one unique .mp4 file.

–search-type franken (for the ‘how many fingers’ and ‘i want the truth’) in the 1984 inquiry part from source3. This function gets the assigned sentence, taking the necessary words present in the video, and also automatically combines it.

You can get an idea from the Screenshot below, from another video I edited through videogrep and:

Final result from the input source4:


I was really excited with the possibility of using videogrep to create some sarcastic/humor videos with Brazilian politics. Still, the script can only trancribe english ‘speech-to-text’ videos. Still, I could use it for the word impeachment 🙂

Have fun,